Friday, 4 March 2016

How To Do | Wavy Hair

So if you've noticed over the past two or three weeks, I've posted pictures of myself with wavy hair when I have naturally straight hair. I've been quite enjoying the look, as have a lot of you from the super lovely comment a handful of you so kindly left me (thank you! ❤️) So today I'm going out of the comfort zone and showing you how I achieve my new little look!

Above is how I usually look with my hair, and on the right is what I managed to do on the first attempt of doing this technique! And yes, this is the same top only a week apart in time...

To start, I washed my hair with my John Frieda Mint Cool Dip shampoo & Smooth Seas conditioner. I dry my hair with a towel and then spray in my John Frieda Root Boot Lotion Spray (review here). I leave this for a minute or two, before brushing through my hair to disperse it.

Once all the products are in, I blow dry my hair upside down to give it some volume boost - and I find this is easier with my long hair. I leave it so it's about 90% dry, and then brush it through again before sorting out a parting and splitting my hair into two sections.

With each section, twist it  a few times, until it turns into a tight twist and can then top knot it on your head. I done one for each section of hair as my hair is medium thickness, but you can always do more with thick hair. I tied them up with a hair elastic and then use some hairspray on it to hold it there over night. Once done, it should like something like this:

Yes that's right, you have to sleep with it like this! I usually do this about 7pm and after sleep and breakfast, it's usually been about ten hours before I untie them and let them down.

When the time comes, I give the buns a final spritz with the hairspray, and then as I untie each knot, I'll spray the length of hair with a stronger hairspray (if not already using one) and then gently brush my fingers through it.

Once it's all carefully untwisted and shaken through, I'll use a bit more hairspray to hold the waves and sometime use sea salt spray to give it a bit more grip through the day. I'll then leave it as it is and maybe re-spray it through the day if I feel I need it!

You might find as the day goes on that the waves become looser and some might go and leave you with just a soft wave look instead, but the way I do it above usually lasts me about eight hours - which is just perfect for me!

I know there is a lot of hairspray involved and it's overnight, but I adore this look and love that I can do this overnight to switch things up for the next day! It's a look I'm loving right now, and I'm going to the and improve upon it over the next few months so I can possibly do it like this for Emma's wedding in July!

How do you do wavy hair? And if you try this out or have done it before, please let me know as I'd love to know how you got on with it! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Anonymous said...

This makes me miss having long hair haha!, but it's such a lovely look :) I'll definitely be attempting this when my hair grows out x

Emma said...

Looks so pretty! I'm so jealous as my hair just looks awful if I wash it at night for the next day..!
Looks like it's pretty time saving doing it this way! And it's really effective on your hair!
I usually curl my hair with straighteners (when i have time) but it's so heavy it falls out fairly quickly! I was gifted a babyliss curl secret for Christmas, and I've yet to try it out properly, so hoping it helps give me longer lasting curls! Maybe I will give this way a try once and see how it works out for me!

Tania Michele said...

Thank you! It's nice to have now and then, just wish it didn't have to be overnight! xx

Tania Michele said...

Haha, I have the same issue with some shampoos, so I find it's that! I try curling irons and they damage my hair way too much! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!! xx

Holly said...

Ahaha, those little buns are so cute :D I love the waves you get afterwards though :D Very pretty xx

Holly ∣ Closingwinter

Tania Michele said...

Haha, thank you! I feel like a total tit with them up, but it's worth it for the hair the next day! xx

Christina Marie said...

Love this style! I wonder if it will work on shorter hair (fingers crossed). It would look lovely for a wedding do! x

Xtina G Says..

Tania Michele said...

It might do if you can get the knots up high enough! You'll have to try it and let me know! xx

Unknown said...

This is such a cute look, and it really suits you Tania! I love how you've managed to create gorgeous-looking curls without using any heat on your hair too (a major bonus)! I think I'd have to try and sleep like a mummy if I tried it, as I tend to move a lot when I'm sleeping so my hair falls out of a bun haha! Great post! xx

Tania Michele said...

Thank you darling! ❤️ I find this is a lot better for the hair than all the heat used (although bad me for using so much hairspray!) but I think it looks decent enough! Haha, you're like me then! I wiggle a lot, so the kinda flop about by the morning, but it works!! xx

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