Friday 30 June 2017

Monthly Favourites #26 - June

Another month is over already! We're way over half of the year gone, but it feels like it was January not two seconds ago!! I've not had the most fabulous month, but I've still tried to find some good things about June to put a smile on my face! Let's hope July is a lot better!

I've had a pretty tough June, and whenever I get into a bad state of mind, We The Kings music always manages to pull me out of my funk and cheer me up. This one isn't from any albums, but was released as part of the American Rag All Access performance, and was then released as a single. I've had this blaring in my car this month, and it's lifted my mood! 

My favourite picture from this month is this one from a little BBQ we had the other weekend! I had alcohol for the first time in about 18 months, and ended up drunk and laying on the grass in the garden... I also have an epic sunburn down one half of my body as part of me was in the shade and other side wasn't!

TV Show
I finally caved in and decided to start the Marvel Netflix Original programmes this month... SOOOO glad that I did!! I really loved Daredevil - it's just so good. I didn't mind Jessica Jones, but I think it might take another season to get me more invested. I've just started on Luke Cage, and then I need to watch Iron fist - all before the Defenders gets released!
Daredevil is my fave one so far, and I've really enjoyed getting to learn more about the characters in the second season!

I adored this movie! This has been a fave for many years, but I finally bought the DVD's so I can watch them over and over! I still get scared to death by the Raptor that chases Ellie in the bunker and the ones that go after the kids. I've watched all three of the movies a dozen times this month while I've been tidying out my room - aka I got distracted by the Dinosaurs and never tided...

Hope you enjoyed these faves for June! What have you loved this month yourself, from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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  1. Hope July is better for you! Looks like you had fun at the BBQ :) x x

    1. Thank you! I think it will be a better month, so fingers crossed! xx


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