Wednesday 24 January 2018

Content Quality Is A Blog Priority*

It really doesn’t take much to see what separates the good from bad in the world of blogging. When you’re reading someone else’s work, you will quickly pick out the mistakes they’ve made and the errors within, getting to the bottom of their blogging standards. Of course, though, when the spotlight is reflected, and you look at your own work, there will probably be some room for improvement here, too.

Businesses and media outlets have always had to fight for the quality throne. This area is critical to any sort of published work, from the copy on a website to articles being released in scientific journals. Below, you can find some examples of the importance of quality, along with some ways to spot flaws in your own content.

  • Steep Competition: While your blog is unique to you, there will still be loads of other websites out there which cover similar fields and topics, and this means that you have some competition. If your content doesn’t meet the standards that people expect, they will move on to one which does. This makes it hard to stay on top if your work isn’t consistently quality.

  • Critical Readers: Even when you do manage to get people interested in your website, there will always be people looking for the issues with your work. Some will be more vocal than others, giving you a hard time for your pieces, and making it hard to grow. Avoiding this is a simple matter of working on the quality behind your content.

  • The Purpose Of The Blog: As the last area to consider, most people will start something like a blog with a strong goal in mind. Whether you want to spread the word about your favourite hobby, help others with their problems, or anything else, you won’t be able to achieve it if your work isn’t up to standard. You wouldn’t be writing about something you don’t care about, and this means that you should care about your writing.

Thankfully, improving this part of your life doesn’t take too much work. With the help of an option like “The Effortless English Show”, it’s nice and easy to improve your spoken and writing communication skills, without having to go to school or pay expensive fees. Of course, though, language isn’t everything, and the quality of your writing will also depend upon grammar and readability. Tools like Grammarly can tell you when you’re making mistakes in your writing, giving you easy goals to reach. Along with this, you could also have someone proofread and edit your pieces before they are posted, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start taking your writing to the next level. Keeping people interested in your blog will largely depend on their ability to soak up the information you have on offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming your work at people unused to checking for errors in writing. Instead, all blogs need to follow rules like this, while also working hard to make sure their content is interesting and insightful.

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*Collaborative Post


  1. I'm really trying to work on improving the quality of my blog posts this year, and I've already seen a real difference in my engagement! I'm hoping that 2018 is the year I really nail it.

    Steph -

    1. I'm trying to as well this year, but writers block keeps hitting me - so hopefully you do better than me! xx

  2. I think this is something that I'm really hard on myself about. I don't want my blog posts to come across shitty, especially as a new content creator, so I try to read through them with a fine tooth comb x

    1. I was the same when I started! I've had over a month away from my blog now, and I'm getting ready with new content I love and am happy with :) xx


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