Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dear 18 Year Old Tania...

I've seen lots of people do these sort of posts, primarily the 'what would you tell your teenage self' ones. I'm going with a slightly different approach and going for five years ago. Back when I was a young 18 year old. Lots has changed in 5 years, and this is going to quite interesting to write! Grab a drink and snack as this could be long...

Beauty - You currently think that powder is called foundation and that yellow eye shadow looks good on you. Wrong on both accounts. Google is there for you - search what products are, and for the love of Hogwarts, step away from the yellow. COPPER AND PURPLE ARE FOR YOU. Also, don't feel like you need to copy your friend's and wear it just because they are. You've also got your ears pierced in 2011 so no more clip on ones that make you want to pass out!

Friends - Right now, you have a small group of about four best friends and ten good friends. In five years time, you will have three best friends. One of the best friends is still there and two the 'good' friends have become besties. You won't regret being friends with any of them. Your current boyfriend's sister is your best friend in 2015. You're not with her brother anymore, but the pair of you are so close now, you're practically sisters. You'll out grow some of your school friends and drift apart, and the others were only your friends because you saw them every day.
Oh and by the way, you only see and speak to two of the people in this picture now:

Family - The parents were getting divorced right about now, and as sad as you are about it - you're also happy. You can tell they're happier apart and you don't need to get upset about it. In 5 years time, they're happier as they are, and you get two houses to kitchen raid!! Your little sister who is currently 15, almost 16 is now at Uni. Tell her she's going and support her when she's deciding!! She's a smart cookie that one and you know she can do what you never wanted to.

Love Life - The guy you're currently with turns out to be a douchbag and you'll be single for over 2 years before you get with someone again. When it happens, be angry and cry about it and then move on - because someone better is on the horizon. The guy you're dating when you're 23 is that guy you liked back at school! Things are okay right now, but you have issues like most couples.

Work Life You now work at a supermarket and it has its pros and cons like all jobs but money is money and 2015 you is just glad to have a job in a world where they're difficult to come by, even though she may not be there forever!

Money - Oh young Tania, you're currently burning your way through the money you've got on your debit card. I think you forget that you have no income and driving lessons do not pay for themselves. You still need to apply for a driving provisional licence and you need money for that. FIND A JOB.

Fashion/Body - What were you thinking?? You lived in those skinny jeans and 'punk' tops until you were 19 and then you just started wearing partially see-through tops. *headdesk* However, you've started wearing heels more as you have nights out with Nicola (who is now your best friend) and you wore this damn jumpsuit EVERYTIME you went out. Please stop wearing those headbands with the bows - they do nothing for you. Please let 2015 you and Nicola know that both of you have hair that is mega long now and you've both got killer wardrobes!! Oh and you've lost weight (YAY!)

Oh my heck... Nic may kill me for sharing this!!
Music - You like Fall Out Boy. You do not love them. Stop telling people you do. At the moment you've become obsessed with J-Pop and the band Morning Musume. I can confirm you do still like them 5 years later and you can even speak some Japanese now. You also like One Direction - that hasn't changed - and you like Glee. You will grow to hate the latter by 2014. You still love Country music and you're obsessed with We The Kings.

Films - It's March 2010 and you've just seen The Losers trailer on TV and paid it no mind. A year later you're obsessed with it and it's currently your all time fave movie. Tell everyone about it!! You've now seen all the Harry Potter movies, whereas back in 2010 you still had one or two more left to go! You should have watched Star Wars years ago, and 18 year old you should be shamed for not watching it sooner. Also, google something called 'Firefly' as 2015 you is in love with it!!

General - The book you write for NANOWRIMO could be amazing, but you need to cut out like 50% of it and rename all the characters. Anytime you have a book idea, please in the name of Serenity, write it down. You're also deathly allergic to nuts which you don't yet know, so in January 2010, please don't eat that curry that Mum so nicely bought you as you will end up in A&E as you almost died. Finally, when you have your first panic attack near the end of the year, don't worry - it happens to lots of people. Sadly you still have them often in 2015, but you're getting better and calming yourself down. Tell your sister about it NOW, don't wait for a few years - she's mega helpful when you feel like the walls are closing in.

Well this was weirdly theraputic and kinda funny to look through some old pictures!! I think I've wised up a bit over the past 5 years, BUT, I still don't feel like an adult. I was 17/18 back in 2010 so I was just becoming what society classes as an adult, but I'm really not. Not even now at 23 do I think I'm one!! What things would you like to have known 5 years ago? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Emma said...

Very amusing post!! Love that picture of you and Nicola on a night out.. haha! I love it when an appropriate amount of time has passed and old pictures can be dug out and you don't find them quite as embarrassing anymore (I think I explained that right...? Hopefully you get what I mean lol!).
Also, I'm 25 and I don't feel like an adult yet!! xx

Tania Michele said...

We have many embarrassing pictures of us from the past 6 years, and this one was nice and candid! I totally got what you meant!! :p I don't think I'll feel like an adult even when I'm 30 XD xx

Christina Marie said...

Love this post, such a great idea!! Would love to see one in a few years time too, haha! x

Christina Marie -

Tania Michele said...

You should do it as well - it's quite fun to do as well as nice to look back at things :) xx

Beverley said...

I love the idea of this! Was a very good little read :') xx

Tania Michele said...

It's something fun to do for sure! You should try it!! xx

Jabeen Waheed said...

Such a lovely post. I need to do one like this too!
Jabeen x

Tania Michele said...

Thank you :) You really should - it's so much fun to do! :) xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya! New reader here!

I think reading this post was the highlight of my morning. It was hilarious and very relateable. I kept thinking of 18 year old me, and I think writing a post like this would be very interesting.
Also, you're awesome! When I read about your interests and fandoms I may have squeaked and flailed because THERE'S ANOTHER BLOGGER WHO FANGIRLS OVER STUFF I LOVE.

Can't wait to read more posts :)


Tania Michele said...

Hello - thanks for coming along!!! :) Glad you liked it, you should try it yourself :) I know we have the same interests after speaking on twitter, so I'm really happy you've found my blog!! xx

Unknown said...

I only just read this post, in a way is like getting to know a little more about you. It is really nice how much life changes in 5 years, I definitely would have like to know that I dint have to be so scared of the world, it is not such a scary place after all. I would love to use this idea for a future post.

PS. we are almost identical with our music taste journey Xxx

Tania Michele said...

Glad you liked it :) It's a fun thing to do, so do the post yourself and I'll take a read!! I just love being able to look back and see the bad and good :) xx

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