Friday 11 November 2016

A Pretty Big Superdrug Haul | Part 2

This is my 600th post on my blog! How amazing is that? SIX HUNDRED POSTS. I nearly choked on my Junior Mints when I noticed this the other day! Thank you for all sticking around for this long, you lovely bunch!! Anyway, on with the post..,


After part one went live a few posts ago, I've been excited for this second installment to go up! I always love a good review/swatch post!

This is a nice long post filled with pictures, so get comfy, grab a drink and get ready for the post!

As I showed you all the products in the first part of the post saga, this one is on the swatches and my thoughts on each product so far! I've used each one a couple of times to get a feel of them, but each shall be reviewed separately at some point the future! So lets get going...

Extreme Black Mascara - £2 | Voluminous Felt Eyeliner - £3
The mascara is a beautiful black and the thick spoolie is amazing. I love a cheap mascara that actaully works. It coats the lashes really well and has very little to none fallout. The eyeliner is super thick, and this has made doing flicks a lot easier - especially for people like me who are lazy with this and want it done quickly. Both are a strong black and not a 'cheap black' which I call grey! For £2 and £3 respectively, I love these!

Hide & Conceal Stick, Natural - £1 | Lipstick, Raven (Black) - £1 | MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer, Kooky - £3 MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet, Chichi - £1.50 | MUA Luxe, Whipped Velvet, Majestic - £1.50
The concealer is one my sister has used before, so as she tells me it's good, I bought it and I agree! It's almost as good as my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It has good coverage and has lasted a majority of my work shifts, so I like it!

The lipstick however, is not for me. I can do dark purples and red on my lips, but it seems black was a dark shade too far. It looks messy on me and didn't last long against a drink and my lunch, so can't see me wearing this unless it's for a cosplay now! For only £1, I can't complain too much.

Kooky is the shade I love to wear all the time. I love a dark purple lip. It has a good wear to it and last a relatively long time, but it will need a touch up through the day - or of your out at a dinner!

ChiChi and Majestic didn't hold up for quite as long as the above lip velvet! I'm not sure about Majestic as a shade as the red isn't as pigmented as I'd hope, but ChiChi is a nice subtle shade and is something I'm going to wear on days where I'm just doing a simple look. I'd not get Majestic again, and would only get ChiChi if there wasn't much else on offer!

Translucent Powder - £1
 For only £1, this is quite a nice little powder. It's not got quite as good coverage as my Makeup Revolution Porcelain Powder, but it's nice to have a cheaper one on standby for days that I'm not after a heavy face of makeup. It's light on the skin and gets rid of any shiny patches I might have that day!

Highlighting Powder, Iridescent Gold - £3
 When I swatched this on my finger, I was so excited to try it for a night out with Nicola. It sadly wasn't as brilliant as I had hoped.

It still left a nice matte shine where I wanted it on my nose and cheekbones, but just wasn't as pigmented as I'd got the swatch. I guess you'd have to work a fair bit to get the same kind of pigmentation, but for me, I felt let down. I still like to use it for a little shimmer here and there as it's more subtle - but would have like something a little bolder from this.

MUA Luxe Bronze & Scuplt Contour Kit, Light Medium - £5
And finally, we have the contouring compact! I liked the colours of these, but I really should have got this in Light, instead of Medium! The lighter shade is perfect for me, but the darker one looks like I've swiped mud on my cheeks! I think with some willpower and lots of blending, I could get this to work for me. But I think, for now, I'll save this aside until my Florida holiday next year, as then I shall be tanned enough to have this work better on me!

And that's it! Sorry this was so long, but hope it was worth the time to read it all!

What do you think of all the products, and what's your favourite of the above? And if you've had different results with any of them, please let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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  1. The mascara looks fab, it's hard to find one that actually works!

    Corinne x

    1. I find that cheap & chunky ones, work so much better than expensive brands! xx


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