Thursday 20 December 2018

Super Fun Activities to Build Your Team Spirit*

You have always thought of yourself as a huge team player who loves getting to know other people at work, in your friendship group and during your other social activities. Team spirit has always been a fundamental part of developing as a well rounded person, so you’re thrilled to be involved with organizing team building activities with your colleagues. Whether you’re all going out together for a party or trying to figure out a tricky puzzle, there are many ways that you can build team spirit amongst the people you work with every day. If you have been elected to decide on the next super fun activity for your team to undertake together, then consider some of the following options.

Treasure Hunts
If you are ready to see a whole load of competitiveness come bursting out of your colleagues, then you should definitely consider a treasure hunt. You could spend a lot of time trying to map out ideas all by yourself or you could contact Cluego team building to help organize your corporate treasure hunt. You will be able to work together in teams in order to collect certain information, visit specific places and get to the finish line before anybody else. This is an excellent way to reignite the child within you and have some fun whilst building team spirit.

Food and Drinks
When you work in a close knit team sometimes the best bonding experience happens over a delicious dinner and a few fancy cocktails after work. Book a table at a local restaurant and get everybody together for an evening full of amazing dishes, delectable wine and laughter. You will soon be able to learn information about people you never knew before, as this type of activity will allow people’s inhibitions to be lowered.

A group of young, vibrant and enthusiastic workers should definitely consider partaking in a sports event to build their team spirit. Whether you try out a baseball tournament or try out football at the local park, there are so many fun filled sporting activities you can enjoy as a group. You will be sure to bring out some of the competitive streaks in some people as well, so be prepared to get your game face on!

Cooking Classes
There are so many ways you can all get creative as a team and learn more about one another. An awesome idea that will actually give you a lot of practical skills to utilize in the future would be corporate cooking classes. It doesn’t matter what type of skill level you are at in the kitchen; you will all receive the same coaching together. You might even need to work together to create delicious dishes so the team spirit can carry on building during the class.

No matter what your job is right now, there really is nothing more enjoyable that getting to know your colleagues really well. Enjoying these super fun activities and building your team spirit will bring you together as one cohesive group that always works well as a group.

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