Friday, 4 December 2015

Instagram Love #1

I'm obsessed with taking pictures, editing them and making nice memories - hence why I love Instagram. There are some awesome accounts that I follow, plus the picture sharing app has gone insane with really talented photographers and bloggers who just seem to have this whole filter thing down.

So today, I'm sharing some Insta love with my top 5 pictures that I've come across recently!

A photo posted by Christina Marie (@xtinag_) on

A photo posted by Corrie (@dizzybrunette3) on

A photo posted by Julie Ly | Raining Cake (@rainingcakeblog) on

A photo posted by annie (@annie0ne) on

Which accounts have you been loving lately? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Emily // Musings & More said...

Lovely post to appreciate other people! I actually really like food instagrams - is that bad!? heh

Musings & More

Tania Michele said...

Sharing the love! I love food ones too - I only make myself hungry from looking at them! xx

Julie Ly said...

Thank you so much again gorge. xx


Tania Michele said...

Most welcome :D xx

Christina Marie said...

Thanks so much for including my snap in this post lovey :) x

Christina Marie -

Tania Michele said...

You're welcome lovely, I love your Insta!! :) xx

Unknown said...

I've always loved looking at and taking pictures so Instagram is deffo one of my fave social media apps! I do have image envy though when I scrawl through and I know I could make better pics of I tried but in the heat of the moment I just want A picture! Haha x

Tania Michele said...

I'm the same! I could be on there for hours looking at all sorts - but I also like being able to just take a picture and uploading it! xx

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