Monday, 14 December 2015

W7 Power Puff Face Sponge | Review

I picked this up in a discount store in Cornwall back in the summer, and it's taken this long for me to actually use and review it. Oddly, the only place I could find this, was Yours clothing site! They're selling them for £4 online. Having used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, I decided to use that as a comparison.

This is quite small compared to the RT version. It reminds me of a rubber stamping tool shape! The slimmer middle means you have something to grip onto as your're using it - something I found the RT sponge to lack. The wide base is perfect for using with foundation all over the face, and the slightly pointed tip is perfect for use around the eyes with concealer.

It works really well, albeit being quite small so the surface area it covers can take a little while. I also used it to stipple some products, and it worked just as well. After use, I washed it in warm water and with a small dab of shampoo, just how I would do with my makeup brushes.

I quite like this little applicator, and might see about getting another one in one of the other colours in the range! Have you tried this, or any other face sponges? Which ones do you like to use? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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Stacey said...

I have one of these in the exact same shape. I used it to death when I first got it, I've not used it in a while but I'm going to dig it out because I love the finish it gives! I sometimes get what I call a 'bad face day' lol, when every time I put foundation on it goes all streaky and gets brush strokes. These are perfect for days like that and as they give nice even coverage every time x

amyslife said...

Ive never tried one of these sponges but I may invest in this one before buying a pricer one!

Amy xx

Tania Michele said...

I find it give a better finish overall than a brush, but I think it's more useful for a night time look, than a day one :) xx

Tania Michele said...

It's definitely a good 'first time' sponge to try out as it's nice and small and not going to break the bank :) xx

Amelia said...

Looks like a good one if you're on a budget. I'm obsessed with my Beauty Blender.

Amelia Rose | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Tania Michele said...

It's also not going to break the bank if it ends up not working for you :) xx

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