Wednesday 19 September 2018

5 Things I Do When I'm Sick

I've been ill for about a week now - just a cold and super headaches, so nothing serious! But, it's been enough to slow me down and get me to rest up a lot. I'm sick of it to be really honest, and I'm over aching and feeling like my throat is constructed from sandpaper.

So, to try and boost my spirits, I thought I'd do a list of all the things I like to do when I'm sick - or just run down - so you can always pinch the idea for yourself when the time comes! These aren't the usual, 'rest, hydrate, meds' kind of post, it's a different perspective!

Binge Watch Something
Whether it be a tv show, a set of movies, or a bunch of home movies, you can do this easily. Snuggle up in bed or on the couch, and you're set! I spent most of last week tucked in bed, catching up on the NFL games I had missed the previous weekend.

Catch Up On Blogs
I'm so bad at this usually, but when I'm sick, I find it easy to lay in bed and read a load of blog posts for a few hours. I leave comments on a lot of them as well, so it makes me happy to catch up on them all!

Watch Anything On YouTube
I fell into a hole of hair tutorials, cake decorating ideas, and somehow onto 'how things were made' as well! I tend to put these on automatic play while laying down, so I can have background noise while I sleep! I also love putting fail videos on so I can have a giggle.

Online Browsing
This can be aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, online shopping without making purchases, or just googling random things. I don't do this too often as I end up wanting to buy all the things I put in my basket!

Create A Playlist
I have a 'sick' playlist that I'll have on in the bakground while I'm sleeping or just relaxing with a book. It's usually slow songs, or ones from the 90's that I've not heard in ages! I like to make a new one when I'm sick, so it's got some new songs on there that I love as well as the oldies!

What do you do when you're feeling sick or run-down and can't get out the house? Let me know! Here's to hoping I'm healthy come the weekend... Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)

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