Friday 9 May 2014

The Memory Box | Part 2

Hello everyone!

The other day during a mass bedroom clean, I found my old memory box! It used to be all in an old camera box, but I've since bought a nice one from the Range and while sorting through it all, I took pictures of everything. Here's the second part of three installments of my memory lane trip!

Find Part One >Here< Hope you enjoy this as there is a lot of things within! Be prepared for lots of pictures!

Left: A range of some key rings I've kept from Cornwall and London!
Right: My friend Jodie won this in a 2p machine a few years ago and she let me have it!

Left: All from 2001! The Magic Kingdom in Florida's park map, a Kennedy Space Centre pencil, some playing cards, and the book I made of all the places we went! It was such an amazing holiday.
Right: My auto graph book! Not used it much!

Top: Mickey Mouse, Princess Amora & Simbad, Shish Kabob (all three from the Eighth Voyage of Simbad show)
Bottom: Johnny Fire Demon, Decaying Demon Chris (both from Eighth Voyage of Simbad show) and finally, DOUGIE FROM MCFLY. 

Left: The back of the bookmark
Right: Front of the boomark! We made these in primary school to celebrate the millennium! 

Above: The pictures with the child in are all my cousin Shannon since she was a toddler! I'm in the bottom right one with her, and above that is me and my sister Ash!

Above: I can't quite remember the year we done this, but I think it was 2006. It's the only time I've run the race, which I done with my friend Jodie and her mum Trudi. We finish the 5km run in 44 minutes and so many seconds!

Above: My cousin Lucy makes these wonderful figures called 'Felteenies'. She's made nearly 300 or more by now! I keep telling her she needs to sell them! I won a competition for him 2 years ago. Potter sits on my shelf next to the Potter books.

Left: All the park maps from 2013 in Florida when I went! 
Right: My boarding pass, plane ticket, 14 day Disney and Orlando tickets, plus the villa business card where we stayed! I had such a nice time there and cannot wait to go again.

Left: Concert tickets The top is a Status Quo one from 2007 and the bottom is my McFly one from 2005
Right: Harry Potter studio tour tickets! These are my two from both times that I have gone, plus the larger one was for a photobooth thing me and my sister done!

Hope you liked this second part of my memory box! Part three will be coming soon :) Do you have a memory box at all? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. awh you have Dougie from McFly's autograph! Awesome! I love all your things. You have some great things in that box, you're so lucky to have been to all those places :D x

    1. Yes! This was back in 2005 when me and my friend bumped into them all coming out of a studio! I spoke to Tom for a few seconds, managed to get Dougie's signature and then they were rushed off :( xx

  2. Awh this post is sooo cute! Love it! :) xxx

  3. I love the Harry Potter doll! She should definitely sell them! I've been to the Studio Tour a couple of times too because it's only half an hour away from me - I love it and the final room takes my breath away every time!

    Heading over to part 3 now!

    Jaq @


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