Saturday 10 May 2014

The Range Haul | My Life

Hello everyone!

A shop near me is The Range. It is a huge home goods store, along with a lot of garden furniture, pet equipment, lighting, home decor and stationary. Basically, the store is huge and I love it. My bedroom isn't the biggest of places, but I keep buying things! So much for my spending ban...

However, the other day I decided to go in on a mission to find some makeup storage. As much as I want two storage items from Muji, it's not not going to happen anytime soon. So this is what I picked up on my little trip!

This is what I ended up choosing for my makeup! I bought a large desk tidy/paper holder a few weeks ago and it's being used for all my stationary and paper filing. These were the other parts of the same range and material (metal mesh) and I thought they were perfect! When I got them home, I found them to be my best idea of the year.
The drawers for £4.99 are now home to my foundations, powders, eye shadows and mini pallettes. 
The 'pen' desk tidy for £2.99 is now my main brush holder, mascara, concealers, eye pencils and blemish sticks storage. It's all out ready for me to grab quickly and has made finding things so much easier! The little tray and the front holds a few bobby pins and clear elastics for my hair.
The large pot for £1.99 is ready for all my nail brushes when they arrive this week. I didn't want my nail tools and makeup brushes all in the same container, so this was purchased!

Fairy lights. I've been after some pretty ones to wrap around my bed frame for a while now, and then I saw these. I have a purple room and these are a pinky/purple colour. The flowers a bendy, so shouldn't break hopefully! Though, saying that, once I wrapped them around my bed back home, one of the wires had snapped in my wrapping haste, so GENTLE next time Tania! These were £3.99 and I would definitely buy these again. These also come in white. 

My last two items are a second Memory Box for £1.99 and these A4 folders for £1. My first Memory box is fit to burst, so I've got this brand new one in the same colour and design for all the new memories and little bits and pieces! The folders are nothing special, but I needed them for my online shopping receipts along with some work documents!

So there we have all of the last shop! I've bought a few more bits since then, but nothing of any significance that deserves a blog post! What do you think of my storage idea? What do you use for storing your products? Hope you have a great day and keep safe :)


  1. I need to find my nearest 'The Range'!!!! You have found what I am looking for... Thank you xxx

    x Maria x

    1. You're welcome! I find they have so many amazing pieces inside, and I want them all! But this storage has been the best thing I've found in there so far! xx

  2. They look like they have so many awesome goodies.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  3. I love what you picked up, those little stationary/office pieces are so perfect for storing beauty stuff! I know what you mean about Muji, so expensive for what it is. Homebase do clear acrylic drawers that are similar but quite a bit cheaper if you were still looking though. New blog design looks fab too! xx

    1. I can't believe how handy they have been and for so cheap! I'd like Muji one day, but these will last for quite a while as they're very strong :) I'll have to peek in Homebase next time I'm near one and will see what they have :)
      As for the blog design, I love it! Had to use your tutorial again, and it's nice and blue now! xx


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