Friday 31 March 2017

Monthly Favourites #23 - March

Another month is over already! Where is 2017 going?? So much of my month has been spent at work, but I've got a few days off this week, so going to try and have fun with it. Now it's time to dive into my faves of the month!

This song has been playing all over the radio this past month, and it's soooo good. Love Little Mix!! Also been singing this with Sydnie at work, so we need to have a sing to this in the car for Sunday Club as well! Also, how awesome are the outfits in this video!?!

My favourite picture from this month is this one of me with both of Nicola's daughter's! I've not spent any proper time with Andi for aaaages, and this was the first time I got to see Brooke for a long period of time too! Love these little ladies a lot, and was so nice to have some baby hugs and watch kid shows with them!

TV Show
I only started to watch Chicago Med at the end of February, so I've not done bad to catch up with all of season one and then 15 episodes of season two so far! I love a good hospital drama - I'm looking at you Grey's - and this is just as good. If not better. I'm neck deep in the One Chicago programmes and this, along with the recently released Chicago Justice, has made me love it all the more. And also, can we get a little loving for Brian Tee as Dr Choi? I'm obsessed with him ❤️

Please don't kill me, but I've not actually seen the 90's version of this film since I was about 5!
I've got the soundtracks, seen the trailers and a dozen fan made videos over the years... But I vaguely remember watching this on VHS when I was about 3/4 so I have literally no memory of it. Remember I'm a Mulan girl!!
I went to see this on Saturday, and it was AMAZING. I loved Emma as Belle and she can sing. She looked beautiful in the classic yellow dress, and the whole film was magical. I'm not the biggest Disney classics fan, so was pleased that it made me smile! I promise to watch the original before I go to Florida this year!

Bullet Journal
This month's fave BuJu page is my attempt at a new weekly layout. I'm not massively happy with it, but it was good for those two weeks! Definitely an option if I'm ever in a rush to draw a week up!

Hope you enjoyed these faves for March! What have you loved this month from each category? Let me know! Hope you have a great day and keep safe!

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  1. I love Little Mix too, this one is such a tune! x x

    1. Still need to get their new album, but how good is 'Touch'!?!? xx


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