Saturday 16 August 2014

Cornwall Holiday Diary, Day Two

Hello everyone!

Here is the installment of day two of the Cornwall Holiday!

Day Two: Today we headed off to Flambards Theme Park, which is about an hours drive away from where we stay. We always go on the first day of the holiday as on Sunday it is a little bit quieter than usual. Arriving and hour later, we wandered around a bit and noticed a few attractions had gone / were not open. As it tursn out, the park has been taken over by new management so things were being sorted. After getting back to camp, we went to the Jolly Roger pub on the camp grounds for dinner!

You can watch the vlog for this day HERE.

An OOTD, taken by Dad. He knew what OOTD stood for after the first few days! | The sign into Flambards.
On the Hornet Rollercoaster! Dad and Ash are up front!
Me and Grandad were at the back, so I filmed us going around and took some pictures
Me and the sister on the cyclecopters, being chased down by Dad and Grandad on the one behind us
Had to take a funky mirror selfie! This is a good one compared to the others! | Palm tree slushie that my dad had with lunch
Entering the Victorian Village. This hasn't changed in the 21 years I've been going there, so we walk around this pretty fast.
A spot of golfing off the cliffs! This is something we do most evenings as it is the best time to go for a wander around the cliff tops. 
Dinner time at the Jolly Roger! I had a cheese jacket potato, followed by this lovely treacle sponge and custard pudding!

It was so sunny on that Sunday. Normally we go into Flambards and it is pouring down with rain! We went on the rollercoaster three times in a row as there wasn't a que and we had a lot of fun on the space raiders, which you can see in the vlog! Hope you enjoyed this, and look out for day three!

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