Monday 11 August 2014

What's In My Holiday Washbag?

Hello everyone!

I've just got back from a two week holiday in Cornwall - aka my fave place in the world - and while there I missed blogging! I'd scheduled a number of posts to go live while I was there just so I could relax, but I still had the blogging bug. To calm this, I decided to share with you all what was in my washbag for the holiday! I got a little picture crazy, but it was enough to calm the urge to write a post or two!

I took a lot of thing that I needed or thought I would need while away, so above you can see the overall contents!

Make up brushes! I'm a massive Real Techniques lover, and these are the ones I use every day! 
Top to bottom ~ Domed Shadow Brush | Essential Foundation Brush | Expert Face Brush | Multi Task Brush

The makeup! I didn't want to take everything I owned with me, so I narrowed it down to the basics as I knew I would buy a load more anyway! The above are all the products I use all the time, but now my collection has grown, I've been switching it up a bit!
Products ~ Calvin Klein Eye Shadow (Myrrh) | Collection Powder (Candlelight) | Collection Foundation (Light) | MAC Eye Shadow (Gleam) | Collection Extreme Eyeliner (Black) | Collection Concealer (Light) | Natural Collection Mascara (Lengthening Waterproof, Black)

Hair things! I'm not fussed how my hair looks, as long as it isn't tangled or messy, I can tackle the world! All I used was a large black clip, for drying my hair in sections, a comb and brush, some hair bands and bobby pins and dry shampoo! I never used the dry shampoo as I was washing my hair every single day.

General skin care - I used all of these! The clean and clear face cleanser was used every morning along with cotton pads, before using my Nivea moisturizer. Perfume was added through the day - and I love the scent of this one! My deodrant almost ran out as I used it so much. Cornwall was extremely hot this year, and it was so humid. The Garnier Micellar water was used every night to take my makeup off, and anything that wouldn't come off with that, I attacked it with a makeup wipe (yes a beauty blogger sin I know!) And finally, my trusty Sanctuary Spa hand cream which I've sworn by for the past three years - used about two times a day. 

Bathroom bits. All of these were shower or dental care products, used each day to keep me squeaky clean!
Products ~ Morrisons Shampoo and Conditioner | Satin Skin Care shaving gel | Sancturay Spa body wash (travel sized) | Clean and Clear face wash (in a travel tube) | Toothbrush and Colgate Toothpaste | Wilko Sword Razor
I also had a big pink sponge to use, but it was too wet to take a picture of!

And finally, nails. I only used my Rimmel Double Decker polish the whole time, as I kept forgetting to do my manicure! I usually use all of these when I go away, but not this time!
Products ~ Cutex Polish Remover | Collection 2 in 1 Basecoat | Collection Manicure | Collection Top Coat | Rimmel Double Decker Nail Polish

Hope this was something of use if you are planning to go away as I believe I took all the essentials! Other than a few polishes and my dry shampoo, I used everything pictured above, so I know that I packed pretty well. Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post and have a great day :)

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